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UT2003 :: Actor >> Brush >> Volume (Package: Engine)

See also [Adding Volumes]? for how to use.

Note: If you create a new volume subclass, you must load your mod's .u file while map editing for the new class to show up in the list.


Volume Group

name AssociatedActorTag
This connects the Volume to an Actor whose Events → Event property matches this. The associated actor gets Touch and UnTouch events when something enters or leaves the Volume. If you use this feature to associate a Trigger with the Volume, you'll effectively make the whole Volume act like that Trigger.
DecorationList? DecoList (edfindable)
string LocationName (localized)
A description of this zone. This is what appears on the scoreboard in team games as the location of players. This property overrides that of a ZoneInfo. (In UT LocationIDs were used for this purpose.)
int LocationPriority
In areas where Volumes overlap, this property determines which LocationName is used. The higher the number, the more priority the volume has. If you have nested volumes (volumes in a volume, in a volume, in a volume, etc.), the volume that is the most nested, the nestee, should have a higher number than the nester, and so on.

Hidden Properties

Actor AssociatedActor
This actor receives Touch() and UnTouch events when the volume is touched/untouched. This property will be set to the first actor whose Tag matches the AssociatedActorTag in the volume's PostBeginPlay.


Native Functions

bool Encompasses (Actor Other)
Returns True if the center of the actor is within this volume.

Methods Inherited From Actor

PostBeginPlay ( )
Fills in the AssociatedActor variable if AssociatedActorTag was specified. if an associated actor is found the volume goes to the AssociatedTouch state, which forwards Touch and UnTouch events to the AssociatedActor.
DisplayDebug (Canvas C, out float YL, out float YPos)
Adds the AssociatedActor to the debug information displayed.

Known Subclasses


  |  +-HitScanBlockingVolume?
  |  +-DefaultPhysicsVolume?
  |  +-LadderVolume
  |  +-LavaVolume?
  |  +-PressureVolume?
  |  +-WaterVolume
  |  +-xFallingVolume


  • LethalVolume
  • SixSenseForcedVolume


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