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Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki. :-)

Cheers :)

New user and occasional contributor. This Wiki is the one stop shop for UT info. Good job guys

E-mail: wang_lo@hotmail.com

I also frequent the BeyondUnreal Coding forum.

You're too fast for me. Create the page, edit it and you've already modded it before I can click save :)

Either that or it's scripted and I'm a foo ;)

Mychaeel: No, that's not scripted. It's just a demonstration that it's called Wiki for a reason. ;-)

Eliza: Would you like to talk about demonstrations? What makes you say that? ;) just kidding. —Tarquin

Wang: the new format for zip files is much nicer now. saves me trying to find a way of making blank lines to seperate the huge old zip links. Cheers

Mychaeel: That layout was usually meant to be a block, not an inline format; it was never implemented that way though and the switch to Wookee made it easy to give .zip links special markup, though just as an inline format. We're working on a paragraph-level markup for .zip links that'll display them with due spacing.

The Twiggman: With a hotmail like Wang Lo you gotta be a fan of shadow warrior. And BTW, im my english class I wrote your name across my blackboard for a joke and got kicked out. :)

Wang: My modding history started out with build engine games. Shadow Warrior and of course Duke3D are classics :)

The Twiggman: I used to map for blood which was also the along the same lines using sprites and crud. Quite intresting.

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