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UT2003 :: Actor >> Brush >> Volume >> PhysicsVolume >> WaterVolume (Package: Gameplay)

WaterVolumes are special PhysicsVolumes with EntrySound and ExitSound. They also have their default properties set up with some distance fog, fluid friction and the location name "under water".


WaterVolumes don't have new editable properties, but they have three new UnrealScript variables for the fixed sounds and EntryActor.

string EntryActorName
The name of the class used to override EntryActor.
string EntrySoundName
The name of the sound used to override EntrySound.
string ExitSoundName
The name of the sound used to override ExitSound.


Inherited From Actor

PostBeginPlay ( )
Overrides the EntryActor, EntrySound and ExitSound with the classes specified in EntryActorName, EntrySoundName and ExitSoundName respectively if those strings aren't empty.

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