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Weapon Placement

Weapon placement is an essential part of Map Flow.

General placement

CliffyB's Rule

Counter Desirability with Risk: put desirable things such as powerful weapons in a dangerous or exposed spot. In DM that means in an exposed spot, such as an open space, a junction or a blind alley. In team maps it means, in no-man's-land.

When considering weapon placement, keep in mind how easy and quick it is to reach a weapon. While keeping in mind CliffyB's rule, remember that if one cannot find a weapon in a reasonable amount of time, one may get frustrated. If this is the case, often times a few will reach weapons and therefore dominate those that cannot reach a weapon. Consider equal distance from playerstart to weapon.

In team games, it may add interest to set up one base that features more effective weapons but less effective defense, and vice versa. For example, imagine a CTF map. The blue base has a Reedemer, Rocket Launcher, and Shock Rifle, yet has 5 entrance points and is in a valley. The red base has only a few ineffective weapons, but is situated upon a hill, with a large gate (the only entrance), an alarm the sounds when an enemy is 200 feet away, etc. You get the point: one has large weapons but is (literally) fighting an uphill battle, while the other has weak weapons but can smell and start attacking an enemy from a mile away.

Weapon specifics

Here are a few suggestions for effective placement of weapons:



At the end of a tunnel or a main doorway. Perhaps somewhere dark, or confined or a bit of both. An excellent point defense weapon when used correctly. Place it near a flag or control point, or, near a room that can be held in TDM.
Link Gun
Shock Rifle
Flak Cannon
In a somewhat cramped or confined area, more opputunities for bounce shots and splash damage.
Rocket Launcher
Best in somewhere with walls (for splash damage), but uncramped (to avoid suicides)
Somewhere like the ion painter, but less obvious.
Lightning Gun
Near places that are good sniping areas (or, for reversed psychology effect, at the bottom of the map).
Ion Painter
In a wide open area that is near a big open area, Like BR-(one with the aurora borealis (spelling?)).
Ion Cannon
Put this high up in the air. Preferably hidden in a sun or a moon, like DOM-Suntemple. (or, for reversed psychology effect, in a ditch).






Pulse Gun

Shock Rifle
open areas; corridors for combo shots
Small, long, low, narrow corridors for bouncing blades; avoid big, expansive areas cause of decreased accuracy


Flak Cannon

Rocket Launcher


Sniper Rifle




Jump Boots

Gravity Belt


Shield Belt

Body Armor

Shin Guards

Damage Amp

Health Vials

Med Box

Big Keg o' Health

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