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UT2003 :: Object >> WebApplication (Package: UWeb)

Manages web access to the UT2003 server. (Also see WebApplication (UT).)


LevelInfo Level
WebServer WebServer
string Path


Init ( )
Called to do any initialisation of the "Web Application" required. A good place to create any helper classes that may be required.
Cleanup ( )
Called when the client's connection is timed out?
bool PreQuery (WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response)
This function is called before the the Query(), it's the best place to handle authentication. When "something" is not correct with the query (e.g. authentication failed, or requested file does not exist) the function should return false. In that case Query and PostQuery are not called.
Query (WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response)
Called to handle the user's request. It seems that the page requested is pre-loaded by the time this function is called but is that really true?
PostQuery (WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response)
Called after the Query() function has returned. If you need to clean up temporary resources used during the query this is the place to do it.

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