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Wiki Markup/Converting From HTML

Want to import an HTML page? (remember, don't import other people's pages though).

Rough list of things to search and replace (who knows, I may even post a TextPad macro):

 <OL>, </OL> -> -nothing-
 <UL>, </UL> -> -nothing-
 <DL>, </DL> -> -nothing-
 <LI> -> * or # depending
 <DT> -> ;
 <DD> -> : and remove any line breaks so the ";" and ":" occur on the same line
 <H2> , </H2> -> ==
 <H3> , </H3> -> === and so on
 <I> , </I> -> ''
 <B> , </B> -> '''

Remember also to make links for class names, Basic Procedure and topic pages.

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