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Wiki Public Relations/One Year Old

Release: January 30 2003

Occasion: One year of the Unreal Wiki

Latest Draft

The Unreal Wiki is one year old today.

This site, the community equivalent of the Unreal Developer Network (UDN), now has over 1500 pages written by over 150 contributors. It covers editing, mapping and scripting for Unreal Tournament 2003 and the Unreal Engine in general.

Topic pages, category schemes and the site's search engine will help you find what you need in this vast quantity of information, whether it's the basics of how to get started or advanced topics such as BSP trees. Find pages on subjects like the syntax and compiling of UnrealScript all the way to examples of mod and mapper journals. Read up on map design techniques and find out how to use movers and triggers, and how to bot-path your level effectively.

The Wiki system allows anyone to edit pages and add material. Because everyone can add their own information, tips, tricks, and corrections at any time, the site grows quickly. You can freely participate in discussions on mod ideas for UT2003, and even better, you can become a contributor by adding your own information to the site. Plug-in sidebars for the popular browsers allow you to keep up with the site's fast-changing content and hold your favourite bookmarks. The site also integrates into mIRC, converting page names into direct URLs.

Sent :)

Mychaeel: A very nicely written press release. (That shows in that it has found its way to the BeyondUnreal front page almost verbatim as editorial content.) Good work. :-)

Tarquin: Entropic deserves most of the credit, much of the above is the old 1,000 pages press release :D



ZxAnPhOrIaN: WOW!! the wiki is one year old? It has grown tremendously!! (BTW: i was here since the beginning of May, so that makes me a member for about 3/4 of a year!!)

Piglet: Teehee, and i've only been here 3 days :)

El Muerte TDS: only one year ?! I realy thought it was here longer.

EntropicLqd: One year? really? I wonder where all that time went. Not that it matters - I can't even remember when I started contributing here. It seems a long time ago though. Nice one.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: LOL :D I remember that very day also (when i joinde the wiki)! Sunny...nice breeze...seventy degrees f...nice day.........

Legal: I'll second Muerte, I thought it was at leas two years :) I think I was here from close to the beginning... Any way to check? Just for my interest ;)

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