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Wiki Public Relations/Unreal Wiki Opens

Release: Never actually released, no release planned.

Occasion: Unreal Wiki officially opened to the general public.


Tarquin: One of Tarquin's early attempts, known as the "dying albatross":

Tutorial readers: Ever read a tute and wish you could add a tip of your own?

Tutorial writers: Ever feel like telling the people who email you pointing out mistakes or saying "Please could you update your tutes?" to do it themselves?

On the Unreal Wiki site everyone is both a reader and a writer. Someone's missed something on a topic? You fill it in. A topic hasn't been covered in enough depth? You add to it. You share knowledge all the time on editing forums but you don't have the time to write a full tutorial? Post it to the Wiki and watch the page grow.

Shad: Hmm ok lemme try one:

Unreal Editors. Confused? Lost? Getting to the point of hurling you monitor across the room like a monkey flinging poo? Check out the Unreal Wiki. A huge data base of just about anything related to Unreal and Editing. Weather you're a mapper, a coder, a sound artist, or just a confused no0b. Come on and check it out... oh and you wanna know the best part? Don't like something? Found a mistake or wished you could add a tip? Change it right there and make it better or write in a new tutorial of your own on another topic.

UnrealWiki is a dynamic knowledge base growing by the minute. The more people who contribute the better. So come check it out and feel free to sit back and put your feet up!


Tarquin: These are here to be shamelessly plundered for ideas and catchphrases for future releases. ;)

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