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Wiki Public Relations/Wiki Integration

Release: As soon as possible.

Occasion: Introduction of the Wiki Integration features.

Latest Draft

New features for the Unreal Wiki:

Search the Unreal Wiki's 900-plus pages from the comfort of a browser sidebar! Keep up to date with what people are writing with your own personal set of live bookmarks, which notify you of edits. Available in Mozilla, Opera and IE flavours!

Run with the script kiddies! A set of powerful mIRC commands translate your Unreal-engine brayings into URLs that link directly into the Unreal Wiki.

rough list of stuff:

you own personal control center

bookmark a list of your favorite pages from the site & be notified of updates to them


Mychaeel: What about making a small press release about Wiki Integration? It'd help keeping the Unreal Wiki in people's minds. What do you think?

Tarquin: it's certainly a newsworthy feature. I wonder about releases being too frequent – but then again, I don't know anything about this press release stuff. :D

Mychaeel: I have the impression frequent press releases only get annoying if they don't really tell anything worthwhile (like "Six awesome renders of our hand grenade and a video showing how the pin is pulled"); but Wiki Integration is something the casual user might actually have use for.

Tarquin: Agreed, it's extremely useful. I can't think of anything to write. Will ponder.

Mychaeel: The Unreal Wiki sidebar has evolved a bit – keep "personal control center" in mind for a catchphrase. ;-)

Monsto: takes too long to think that phrase. How about just "sidebar" d=

EntropicLqd: You been reading marketing brochures again Mychaeel?

Mychaeel: Far too many, all my life. ;-)

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