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Wiki Trail

okay, another wacky idea from the brain of tarq: Wiki trails.

A Wiki trail is a list of pages that are related in some way. Maybe

  • they cover a certain topic in depth
  • a nice list of tutorials for newbs to do in sequence. Different people recommend different reading orders, so we could have several.
  • they are a Wiki writer's personal recommendation for something

The list on UnrealScript Lessons is such a trail. (though it's not quite finished yet).

A trail is presented like this:

  1. a head page, called, say "Foo Trail". This gives an overview of what the trail is about, and at least the first page.
  2. pages within the trail are just ordinary pages from the wiki. The only "new" page is the Head Page.
  3. in the Related TOpics links at the foot of each member page, you'll find a link to the next one: it's a linked list.


Related Topics

  • page foo
  • {{Some page link}} – next page in the {{Zxan Trail}}
  • page bar


Mychaeel: Nice idea, but I don't see that it can be applied to a user's actual benefit.

Mosquito: This is just my suggestion, but would it not be better to sort of 'tag' these wiki trails with this at the bottom?:

Wiki Trail

  • Home
  • Previous
  • Next

Mosquito: That way, we can keep the more abstract related links in the related links section.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Yeah like this (im on irc! ;)):


  • Topic1
    • A
    • B
    • C
  • Topic2
    • A
    • B
    • C
  • Topic3
    • A
    • B
    • C

Mychaeel: Well, I dislike this for two reasons:

  1. I don't see that it will actually work out as nicely as it is in concept.
  2. It's one more reason for some individuals to do it anyway merely to get personal attention.

If anything those trails should be functionally named, not after some person. A "my first map" trail maybe, or a "how to create a mutator" trail. Not a "ZxAnPhOrIaN trail" and a "Mychaeel trail."

Mosquito: I still think that my idea would be best suited. Wiki trails are going to be something special in the wiki. By naming the green bar Wiki Trail people can do a search for wiki trail. So it's like tagging the page. But the topic should be put somewhere...

Wiki Trail

Topic could go here
  • Home
  • Previous
  • Next

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