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I'm Will. I'm a llama. Nuff said.

I can be found in #UTJB or #Beyondunreal on irc.enterthegame.com. w00t - I do have a hompage now: http://mods.spambox.co.uk/.

I've been writing small mods and mutators for UT since a few months ago, and I think I'm finally getting kinda good at this game modification lark!

Useful crap I've done or found out

Will/Creating A HTTP Server List Tab



First (and last) JB map. (You dont want to play this, trust me ;))
Small mutator for JailBreak, allows you to win prizes from killing your team mates in jail
Similar to JBHammer, but will work alongside any defaultweapon mutators, so you could use the chainsaw in jail, for example. You're not limited to the hammer. Comes bundled with JB3 Gold.

UT in general

Quite fun, you have to make a kill with each weapon in your "Arsenal".
A similar goal to FatBoy, but with proportions remaining the same, and speed changes thrown in to make it interesting.
A small mutator that changes your crosshair colour depending on whether you're looking at a friend or foe - Has just been updated, theres a setting for the range of it as well now.
[Depression Pistol]
This idea spawned after a 'Typo' in the BuF coding forum, where someone called the "Dispersion Pistol" the "Depression Pistol". The more you shoot people with the Depression Pistol, the more annorexic they get, until they give up, cry, and commit suicide in a nice explosion :)
Allows you to alter: Ammo Regeneration Rate, Damage Scaling, Self Damage Scaling, and Momentum Scaling for each weapon individually.


This basically increases the visibility of a player by drawing a small icon 'round them. This is also what the stuff I wrote on HUD Interactions is on. Kinda lame, but still...
[Arsenal 2003]
Arsenal, as listed in the UT section, but for UT2003.
BigBoy, as listed in the UT section, but for UT2003 (see a pattern here? ;))
[Find The Ball]
Find The Ball! Pretty nice mod I've made, using maps from SpoonDog and Willy, in which you must find the ball and dump it in the single goal on the level.
I like this mutator, one of my favourites. It allows you to change the mesh of the ball used in BR, DB, FTB, etc, to one of your choosing. The mesh is automatically scaled down to the size of the normal ball, and you can use ANY static mesh for the ball. Playing DB with a rock is more fun than you'd expect...
GibLife. First it alllowed you to configure how long gibs stayed for, then bodies, and with the latest incarnation - decals can stay too. Not very useful, but kinda fun. Download it and try it.

Incompleted/Unreleased Mods/Mutators

This is a server-side IRC Reporter bot for UT2003. I doubt this will be out of development for a long time, there will pretty much always be something I can fiddle with on it :)
Crappy name, I know, but that's because it will never be released. This is due to the fact that UT2003 has an incompatability with the DrawPortal function and OpenGL (yes I know OGL isn't supported...). All it does is allow you to see through the viewpoint of different items on the level. DOM points, flags, teammates, BR balls, etc.
Basically adds a load of "spypoints" to the map that you can toggle through seeing in a small window with F12 (or was it F11?). You could see from the ball, from the goals at each end, and a rotating "top down" view. Unreleased for the same reason as STLODT (and it's kinda crappy :))

Guestbook (or something)

Post stuff here.

ie. Will is a plonker.

Tarquin: nice page. :D Good luck with JBBigBoy

Mychaeel: Without a homepage... hmm... I'd say this is your homepage. :-)

Mychaeel: Two TeamMate suggestions (had a look into its code):

  • Use switch and case instead of using a long row of if statements comparing the same variable, property or function return value to many different values.
  • The class names in the comment headers of the user interface classes still point to JBHammer. (Just cosmetics.)

Mychaeel: The download links pointing to www.wsheppard.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/william are b0rked.

DJPaul: Like the stuff you wrote up on the HUD Interactions page. I kept thinking of replacing the HUD in my code - totally forgot about interactions!

Will: A long needed update. whoohoo :)

Eldhrin: OpenGL is officially supported on UT2003 Linux... it's the only rendering driver available. That doesn't mean DrawPortal works though! Wish it did - and I can't see any reason why it might be impossible. Guess it's just lots of work.

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