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Wings 3D is a free polygon mesh modeler inspired by Nendo from Izware. It is mainly a modeling application, but there is currently rudimentary support for assigning materials on a per-face basis. Additionally, there may soon be support for vertex colors. Models can be textured in the included plug-in AutoUV. Please note that this plug-in is experimental.

It is based on a language called erlang and it is fully customizable and extendable. You may need to download erlang depending on the version.

Some feel that a five-button mouse is optimal, though still very intuitive with a mouse that features only two buttons and a wheel.

Unfortunately, Wings 3D does not export directly to any format that UnrealEd can import. To import your model into UnrealEd you will have to use an external converter. One has been linked below that can convert a 3DS file (which wings can export to) to an ASE file. (that UnrealEd can import from)


This is the area where we'll start organizing Wings 3D tutorials. For organization's sake, let's put them all in /Wings3D/<title>

/Getting Started - This is a ground-up tutorial meant to get you to the point of building shapes in Wings 3D.

Website and helpful links

http://www.wings3d.com - Product site

http://www.psc.edu/~burkardt/src/ivcon/ivcon.html - This is a converter that can go easily from a 3DS file to an ASE file that UnrealEd can use. C source is also available, and I may put out a non-command driven version of this utility.

File Formats


File Name File ext.
Nendo NDO
3D Studio 3DS
Wavefront OBJ
Renderman RIB
Hash: Animation Master MDL
PovRay 3.5 POV


File Name File ext.
Nendo NDO
3D Studio 3DS
Wavefront OBJ
Adobe Illustrator AI



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