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Bug Fixes

  • Paragraphs don't have to start with an alphanumerical character anymore to be properly recognized.
  • HTML escapes work as expected. &lt;tt&gt; will appear as verbatim <tt> rather than being interpreted.
  • Generated HTML is valid and better suited for being formatted with CSS.


  • Headers generated with == Header == aren't recognized anymore if they have any leading spaces; they'll be formatted as verbatim text then.
  • Use of HTML is strongly discouraged. Only a few HTML tags are allowed anyway, and Wookee enforces that they're properly nested and closed within the same paragraph they were started in; in other words, HTML cannot span multiple paragraphs.
    • For tables use the new | table syntax (see below).
    • For text in italics use ''...'' instead of <i>...</i>.
    • For UnrealScript source code use <uscript>...</uscript> (see below).
  • Single newlines in regular paragraphs are considered paragraph endings, unlike before.
  • Paragraphs with markup (list items, for instance) that belong to the same block can be separated by any amount of blank lines (before no blank lines were allowed between subsequent list items, or a new list would have been started).
  • Format change. The emphasis levels are formatted differently now: ''First level'' is italic, '''second level''' is bold, and ''''third level'''' is bold and colored.

New Features

  • Email addresses like mychaeel@beyondunreal.com are recognized and made clickable anywhere in the text.
  • Paragraph and list styles (unordered/ordered lists, definition lists) can be mutually nested.
    1. Like this numbered list...
    2. ...that's nested in the bulleted list.
  • New block markup:
    Used for UnrealScript source code with syntax highlighting. Use <uscript lines> to automatically add line numbers.
    Can be used to specify complex, multi-paragraph Wiki text where otherwise just a single text token would have been allowed, as in table cells (see below).
  • New paragraph markup:
    @left@imageid Optional caption
    Inserts a (left-) floating image with an optional caption. @right@imageid and @block@imageid work alike.
    | col1 | col2 | ...
    Generates a table row. Separate columns with |. Multiple subsequent | (without spaces inbetween) generate table cells that span multiple columns. The characters <, ^ and > can be specified directly following the | characters to specify left-aligned, centered or right-aligned text in a cell (respectively). You can put multiple paragraphs and paragraph markup in a cell, but you'll have to enclose them in <wiki>...</wiki>.
    > Quotation
    Formats the text as a block quote. (Any Wiki markup can be nested.)
  • Headers can be automatically numbered. Use === # header === for that. In addition, some skins provide a Quick Navigation menu in the page header that allows users to quickly jump to a header in the page.
  • Smileys! :-)

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