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This is the actor that's placed in the map for the blue flag base. If the Red Team can carry the Blue flag back to their FlagBase and touch it to their own flag, a point is scored for the Red Team.


To restate, the PlayerStart's TeamNumber should equal the FlagBase's GameObjective→DefenderTeamIndex. In the case of the Blue FlagBase, the value should be 1. (red = 0)

  • To help bots use a different path to the enemy flag, use at least one AssaultPath actor to guide them. (You can replace a nearby PathNode with the AssaultPath actor.) The FlagBase's Event→Tag string value should then equal the AssaultPath's ObjectiveTag value.
  • Rotate the flag to make it easier to recognize from a distance. (So that it is not edge-on to assaulting players)



string TakenSound
This is the sound played when the flag is taken from its base.


float BaseOffset
This is the X,Y & Z offset for final placement of the base.

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