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The xDomPoint is the parent class for XDomPointA and XDomPointB, which are placed in a map to make the Double Domination points.

It spawns a big floating and rotating marker that players will try to touch (turning the marker their team color) and hold from the other team.


  • The DomPoint's GameObjective → DefenderTeamIndex value should stay at the default value of 255. (Unlike a CTF Flagbase, the DOM points are not inherently owned by a team.)
  • To help bots use a different path to the DomPoint, use at least one AssaultPath actor to guide them. (You can replace a nearby PathNode with the AssaultPath actor.) The DomPoint's Event→Tag string value should then equal the AssaultPath's ObjectiveTag value.


string ControlEvent
This is the event triggered when a player touches the DomPoint (or 'controls' the point).
string ControlSound
This is the sound played when a player touches the DomPoint.
string PointName
This is the name of the DomPoint.

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