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Zxanphorian/PalmOS Tips And Tricks


This is the area for my Palm OS Tips and Tricks.

Disclaimer: Some of the tips stated here come from outside sources. The author, place / website of tip, copyright, if any, and/or other things are stated in a quote box at the footer of the tip. If they are from me, the footer will be blank.
Also, if you want to submit a tip here, put it in a seprate sub-header under the appropriate header. Please put in a quote box in the footer at least your name, and if you like, put in the other info like what is in the external sources footer.
Note: I have the right to remove a submitted tip here, for the following reasons: duplacate tip, illegibility, offensive / negative comments, codes / passwords to Palm OS software (aka warez (pirated software)), spammage, and other spontaneous reasons (reason in summary)

Tips and Tricks for the PalmOS


Address Book


Date Book


Memo Pad

To Do List




Hot Sync


DJPaul: Now i'm sorry zxan, but wtf does this have to do with anything Unreal Engine-related? I don't think the UW guys intended your page and any subpages therein to be "personal website" pages as such. You could always set up your own wiki for that purpose.

Zxanphorian: Erm, didnt you see this line in my personal page? (Zxanphorian)

"/PalmOS Tips and Tricks Temporary home of my Palm OS tips and tricks. "

A temporary home for them. My computer is down and i have to reformat it (im on my brother's now, btw), so i can't put them on my personal website. I don't intend to set up my own wiki, because im poor at setting up and advertising what i put out on the internet. It would be cool to have a "Palm OS Wiki" (if there isn't one already. There may be smaller ones, but a major one would be best.)

Zxanphorian: This page will be moved from here to my own personal web page as soon as i finish revamping it.

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