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My Unreal Wiki Page

Quick Description

Hi! My name is Nick Parker and my UT name is Zxanphorian (not to be confused and/or linked with Xan, the boss), Zxan for short. I am an Intermediate-Expert (not 1337, which is after Expert) in mapping and a newbie in UnrealScripting. You can reach me at tornado.f5@worldnet.att.net


Rants & Raves

Note: The dates are in Month-Day-Year format.

mIRC Scripts

Here is where i will be posting scripts coded from me for [mIRC].


Zxanserv™ 1.0

Copyright 2003 Nicholas "Zxanphorian" Parker

Zxanserv is my first script that helps you out with Chanserv's commands.

If you have any questions about Zxanserv, ask me at irc.enterthegame.com #zxansmaps , or ask at >http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki/Zxanphorian. I will usually be on #zxansmaps and the wiki.

Comments and Suggestions

Zxanphorian: Long time no see eh! :) Sorry for the long time that I wasn't here.

GRAF1K: You mentioned som

ething going wrong with your map... :-( What's wrong?

Zxanphorian: Just slow mapping, with the homework and all.

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